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There are many fantastic beers from Greece
and we have 4 of the finest.

EZA z Fine Lager has come to shake the waters and establish itself in the category, showing us that the true flavours are the ones that create the most real moments.

Atalanti Greece

The Greek’s have been enjoying their tradition lager for centuries, now you can to with Fix. Now with Fix Hellas’ latest incarnation that pays tribute to the beer of the 1800’s traditional look and feel, bringing a taste of the old country to Australia. Opa! Available late March 2021

Evia Greece

KEO is brewed from the finest malt and the choicest hops, traditionally matured, bottled fresh and unpasteurised, gold in colour and unique in taste. In March 1987, KEO Beer was awarded the Gold Medal by the Brewing Industry International Awards, at the World’s Bottled Lager Competition, held at Burton-on-Trent, UK

Cyprus Greece

Macedonian Thrace Brewery is one of the most modern brewing facilities in all of Europe. We remain committed to “growing with love” and honouring our devoted friends who choose our beers, by reinvesting our profits in the very best brewing and quality control equipment available, creating new jobs and supporting our local and national economy.

Thrace Greece

When you think of Greek spirits you cant go past Ouzo, we have a selection from all corners of Greece. Together with our personal favourite Greek spirit, the unique luxurious Mastiha and Kreta Raki Liqueur.

Mastiha – Chios Greece

Mastiha – Argos Greece

Liqueur – Crete Greece

Naturally carbonated mineral water and deep 130m natural spring waters.

Athens Greece

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